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The story of persistence and perseverance that spans generations; of overcoming odds and fighting the good to find success in spite of their detractors.

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Rodney Green Golf Inc.

T: 407-491-9583
F: 407-479-3186
Email: rodney@rodneygreengolf.com

About Me

A 20 year member of the PGA, Green has directed and managed  golf operations at major resorts in the U.S. Rodney is the owner/founder of Rodney Green Golf Incorporated. A company he started in 2002, which organizes corporate/charity golf events, individual/group instruction, and golf etiquette seminars. A new program offering entitled “Golf the Sport of Business” is geared toward corporate executives to show the advantages of learning the game of golf for business purposes. This series has also spawned a new level of participation from college undergraduate and graduate programs. He is a member of the PGA Advisory and Diversity Committee, Nike Swoosh advisory team and has worked with numerous celebrities and athletes.

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Easily input & recall personal & golf info, videos, club fitting data, launch monitor info, image galleries and more!

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Your Golf Home

Easily share your Profile with other instructors, College Scouts, friends, or Grandma. Our profiles are extendable and can store all your golf info with ease!  All your stats and info in one place.

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Online Lessons

Have Students send videos and swing info from afar, and easily import them for immediate analysis

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Learn Around The Globe

Students can send swings to you easily, then you can open them directly in our Analysis Software! Use our Toolbox to send their analysis back and complete the lesson.

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Golf School

Short game, full swing, shot making, the mental side of golf and receive a computer swing analysis.

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Linking Business and Golf

We provide the customer with an opportunity to get away from the office with a vendor, at a private club, without having to travel to a resort destination.

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