PGA Professionals Al Green and Rodney Green

Al Green grew up less than a mile from the golf course at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and learned to play while watching as a caddy. As a kid he was only allowed to play on “Caddy Day,” and whenever he and his brother Skip could sneak in a few holes. His self-taught swing continued to develop, and by the mid-1960’s Al had become a fixture atop leader boards at amateur events; when he was allowed to play that is. Opportunity to grow as a professional came when after much protest; he was hired as an assistant pro at Pine Ridge Golf Course near Baltimore. It was the first of many trailblazing moments in his distinguished career. In 1969, Al Green became Maryland’s first black head club pro when he was named Head Professional at Dwight D. Eisenhower Golf Course in his hometown. There with his brothers Skip (Assistant Pro) and Frank (Greens Superintendent), the family’s golf heritage blossomed.Fast-forward to the next generation. After graduating from South Carolina State University, Rodney Green took a swing at playing golf professionally, but quickly surmised that there was potentially more stability in business of golf. After all, he had literally grown up on the golf course, learning the family business while working the range and caddying on weekends. However, in the 1990’s many of the same barriers faced by his uncle and father a generation ago remained steadfastly in place.

Today Rodney, Skip’s son, finds himself firmly established as one of the top executives in the golf industry. Together this Uncle/Nephew team share a story of persistence and perseverance that spans generations; of overcoming odds and fighting the good to find success in spite of their detractors. Obstacles and barriers, we all have them, on the course, in the office, even at home. You’ll learn and be inspired by the passion and motivational words of men with a lifelong love for a  sport they weren’t always allowed to play.