Golf the Sport of Business

Why a Golf School for Executives? Because Golf and Business are a near perfect match. Business relationships and deals are often solidified on the golf course. Today's Fortune 500 business executives have the highest education, training and preparation for the business world, but have they been prepared on what to do, act, or say in a golf course environment with your most valued customer? Golf The Sport of Business™ provides training for your executives to further expand and cement business deals through the use of golf. Our classes are designed to help you learn the game of golf in a fun and enjoyable environment!

 We train your executives on how to act during a day of golf with a client. We teach executives how to use golf to develop a trust that lasts for years. We treat golf & business as a potent mix. No, it’s not as simple as teeing it up and having fun. A day of Customer golf should be serious. It can make a major impact on the bottom line. And that includes training for it - skills training, rules training, etiquette and education on how to maximize the day and the corporate relationship.